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Vallisaaren verkkokauppa, Sea Sales Finland Oy Yhteydenotot sähköpostilla Y-tunnus: 2904219-1 Kauppiaan ehdot

The unique nature in Vallisaari is perfect for Forest Yoga. Time stands still and we let the sea-air and nature’s beauty relax both mind and body. During yoga we enjoy nature, breath, excercise and relax.

The good affect that the breathing excercises (pranayama) have on us is pervasive. The right breathing technique is essential in yoga, it helps us to clean our bodies, our minds calm down and we get more energy and power.

The yoga excercices (asana) help us to move tension from our bodies with gentle but effective streches. Asanas combine breathing, slow excercices and concentration. When relaxed, our thinking is clear, we feel refreshed and at home.

Forest yoga is suitable to all ages and conditions, beginners as well as experienced yogi. With Forest yoga you may find a new way to enjoy nature.

Dress according to the weather.

Duration 1 h, max 80 people.

Minimum charge 540€ includes max 20 participants, after that 20€/person