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Book TreeTents EcoCamp Vallisaari island summer 2023
€149.00 / d
Price includes 3 persons.


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You can make several reservations for the same day, e.g.  2 person+2 person. Select the number of persons 2, select the date and reserve. Repeat this procedure again. You now have accommodation for 4 people+2 Tentsile.

The world's greenest EcoCamp in Vallisaari Island, Helsinki City.

Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari Islands are enchanting destinations for outings, next to the Suomenlinna fortress, just 20 minutes by boat from the Market Square in Helsinki. 

Enjoy the numerous routes in Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari Islands and the services offered by the beautiful guest harbour on the Torpedo Bay as part of an experience of spending a night in the tree in Tentsile

TreeTents EcoCamp Vallisaari Island creates a low threshold for families, friends, and couples to come and enjoy the beauty of Finnish nature.
These two islands have served as the home and workplace of hundreds of people and as the place of military service for thousands of soldiers. Fortifications, buildings, and a record-breaking range of species tell a tale of coexistence between humans and wild nature. Just take a trip to these mysterious islands on which time seems to stand still.

Welcome to experience summer nature on your skin and enjoy the forest in a whole new way at the world's most ecological, "low-carbon" eco-camp by the sea.

Book your Summer Night 2023 in Vallisaari Island now!


Vallisaari, 00860 Helsinki (EcoCamp -area in Vallisaari- Kuninkaansaari Island)

TreeTents EcoCamp Vallisaari is available to the tenant from 14.00 on the day of arrival to 12.00 on the day of departure.

More instructions will be sent in the separate booking confirmation after the order.


2023/06/01 - 2023/17


Stingray TentsileSafari tree tent+ Trillium Hammock 190 EUR, maximum 3person in one tent.

One night experience package includes:

  • Tentsile Stingray Safari tree tent +Trillium Hammock

  • Trillium hammocks can be used to add sleeping space for fellow campers, or simply to expand the space of your tree tent for extra gear, shoes, dogs or wet stuff.

  • Thick quilts under sleeping bags

  • Breakfast at Vallisaari Harbor Port (Fresh fruit, coffee/tea and bun/pie)

  • Dry toilets on the island

  • Great location on seafront in Kuninkaansaari Island

What you need with you:

  • Sleeping bags

  • Drinking water

  • Towels, evening snack 

Required equipment:

You need clothes and shoes according to the weather conditions. Personal clothing and supplies for overnight stay.

What should I pack?

  • Hiking shoes or boots

  • Rain/windproof jacket and trousers

  • Hiking shirts and trousers

  • Thermal top and bottom

  • Warm jacket or sweater

  • Warm hat and gloves/mittens

  • Water bottle

  • Head torch

  • Swimsuit and towel

  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses and sunblock)

  • Small backpack for carrying personal items

How fit do I need to be?

No particular level of fitness is needed to enjoy this trip. Just bring a sense of adventure and a willingness to try new things!